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The apprentice by Picolo-kun The apprentice :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 4,669 170 004 Sparkub by EventHorizontal 004 Sparkub :iconeventhorizontal:EventHorizontal 84 19 Life of Ry - Life Hack #7 Chocolate Eggs by Ry-Spirit Life of Ry - Life Hack #7 Chocolate Eggs :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 911 61 Meris Region Pokemon 7 by Wabatte-Meru Meris Region Pokemon 7 :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 100 15 WOOFIELD by Wabatte-Meru WOOFIELD :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 71 2 Jealous by Amethyst-Ocean Jealous :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 6,623 273 DROWZENDU by Wabatte-Meru DROWZENDU :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 61 2 Meris Region Pokemon 4 by Wabatte-Meru Meris Region Pokemon 4 :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 114 14 Starter Stack by Malamarvellous Starter Stack :iconmalamarvellous:Malamarvellous 48 7 ECHIMYTRIC by Wabatte-Meru ECHIMYTRIC :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 62 12 DUMBEAR by Wabatte-Meru DUMBEAR :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 71 11 Meris Region Pokemon 3 by Wabatte-Meru Meris Region Pokemon 3 :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 132 26 T-kun by Cioccolatodorima T-kun :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 4,170 220 VOODETAL by Wabatte-Meru VOODETAL :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 103 12 ADORABEE by Wabatte-Meru ADORABEE :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 105 23 054 - ANTLEULDER by GregAndrade 054 - ANTLEULDER :icongregandrade:GregAndrade 146 5

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Artist | Professional | Varied
Hi, I am Francis Adam Fegarido, 25, Philippines.
I am a graphic artist from Iloilo. My specialty is fakemon and to making commission on said area. Currently contemlating whether i should go back and study interactive media arts (more inclined to yes). I also like to draw Anime and Western Comics and an avid Marvel & DC fan. Thanks for watching.

I'm currently doing a fan-based region. The whole thing is still in construction but I'm unveiling it slowly as time goes by. Wish me luck!

I do teasers and stuff so follow me on twitter Twitter | TheAdamFegarid…
Instagram | adamfegaridraw
Soundcloud | Adamfegaridraw

Past Projects
- Dare Da Fridays

On-going Projects
- Bago Region (2012-present)
-Alola Dex Collaborative Project (2016-present/until the dex is completed)
- RE-DRAW (2017-present)

Discontinued Projects
-Daily Draw


??? - Archerfish Fakemon
The Bow Pokemon
Type: Water
Ability: Sniper/Keen Eye
Hidden Ability: Swift Swim

"Swims in schools in the oceans of the Bago Region. They shoot arrows of hardened water to snipe flying bugs."

"Bowfish have the ability to compress water into a hardened state and forms them into arrows. These arrows are so sharp that they can pierce metal hulls."

The Archer Pokemon
Type: Water/Steel
Ability: Sniper/Keen Eye
Hidden Ability: Swift Swim

"They have steel-hard scales making their bodies extra tough. The can launch multiple hardened water arrows at a time with extreme speed."

"Their hardened water arrows are mixed with their extra tough scales making their arrows extremely hard. This and their precise accuracy is a deadly combination."
IG Post:…
:D (Big Grin) Check out my instagram for more newer pokemon
Each description on a post is important.
New Eeveelutions Discovered!
OK these aren't really new. But I decided to reart each one of the eeveelutions I made since the beginning of my account. I've made significant changes to each of the eeveelutions since their original conception. Here are their basic information

Noxeon, the Poisonous pokemon
Poison Type
Poison Point

Draceon, the Draconic Pokemon
Dragon Type

Draggeon, the Draconic Pokemon
Dragon Type
Marvel Scale

Ferreon, the Blade Pokemon
Steel Type

I've also made logos for my past projects: Nuovo Dex (the original Bago Dex) and WFSID (What fakemon should I draw?).
Woulf you guys be interested on commissions if I opened slots for points?
31 deviants said Yes
9 deviants said No

Woulf you guys be interested on commissions if I opened slots for points? 

31 deviants said Yes
9 deviants said No
Two short words. But these words are too powerful to be used by anybody. It can mean you're turning your back on something, something you've been doing since forever. Or something that has been causing you hurt for a long time. Its an escape and a solution crammed in one short statement.

Ok but in all seriousness, I am quitting. I am quitting being stuck in a creative abyss. I am quitting being powerless to overcoming being uninspired. I am quitting being emptily hopeful coz it will never get me anywhere. I am quitting being blind to what I should be seeing coz its caused me time lost. It's time to quit being helpless and hapless nd start doing something about it. Change is coming. And I want to start it from here on out

I never said I was deactivating my account. Nor quitting fakemon. I guess it was...April Fools nyayaya!

Woulf you guys be interested on commissions if I opened slots for points? 

31 deviants said Yes
9 deviants said No


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